I-PAS Testing

Video Transcription

Hi, Dr. Arash Bidgoli here. One of the exciting new things that we have to offer at Comprehensive Spine Center of Dallas is diagnostic testing of a mild traumatic brain injury, also known as a concussion. We have a new device called the I-Portal. This device allows us to monitor your eye movements. Any impact to the brain that causes symptoms of a mild traumatic brain injury, including headache, dizziness, and loss of balance, visual problems, and a multitude of other symptoms can be diagnosed using the I-Pass. With this device, a patient is given a set of goggles which primarily act as virtual reality goggles. The patient will wear these goggles and some stimuli is presented to the patient. We are able to track the patient’s eye movements and see if there are any impairments in their eye movements. Patients that have had traumatic brain injury will have impaired eye movements and this test will help us diagnose and manage TBI or traumatic brain injury patients more accurately and more effectively.

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“Dr. Farley and staff have been extremely helpful and responsive to any questions or concerns I may have. Excellent team and Facility!”
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"Fantastic practice! One of the first times that I was seen at the doctor's office at the exact time of my appointment. Great & very caring staff. It was definitely a very good experience!!"
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"The Comprehensive Spine Center has wonderful caring staff. The doctors, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, medical assistants, and the front staff show respect, compassion, and understanding regarding your injury. The staff listens and explains your injury, results, and plan of care. They are amazing!!"
- Rebecca
“Very positive experience. DO’s really care about their patients well-being and recognize when something is terribly wrong. Thank you for truly caring and letting me know it’s not all about the $$$$.”
- Dorothy

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