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What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine allows you to have real-time interactive communication with a healthcare provider through the use of technology.

Comprehensive Spine Center of Dallas has the leading telemedicine technology to monitor a treatment plan appropriate for your medical needs. Our providers can set up video and audio communication, easily accessible from your home computer or smart device. From medication delivery to at-home physical therapy, including; DME available for pick up. CSC can help patients all over Texas with telemedicine.

What are the benefits of Telemedicine?

  • Easy and convenient
  • Bilingual accessible
  • Specialized care
  • Availability form Monday – Saturday
  • Eliminate travel time
  • Privacy assurance
  • Less time in the waiting room
  • Cost-efficient

Telemedicine FAQ’s

How can patients access services without going to a provider's office?

Patients could have their provider offer them services over the phone or through a telemedicine platform where you have a real-time visual connection. Patients can contact and/or will be contacted by a member of our scheduling department, in order to schedule an appointment via video chat.

Is a patient still able to come into the office for an appointment?

If the patient still wants to come into the office for a scheduled appointment, just confirm the availability time and discuss the safety guidelines with the patient for the office visit.

With a telemedicine consultation, what platform will be utilized?

This request will be completed through a feature called “Zoom”. **In order to qualify for a zoom conference with your provider, you will need to have a smart device, such as a smartphone, laptop, a desktop computer with a camera, or a tablet with a camera. If you are using a mobile device, you will need to download the “Zoom” application. If using a laptop, tablet, or computer you will need to go to www.zoom.com. Make sure you make a notation in the appointment box, what device is being utilized.

How long would take me to receive my login and password information for “Zoom”?

It will take approximately 15-20 minutes to receive your login and password information.

What if a patient doesn’t have a qualifying smart device?

If the patient does not have the proper technology, please contact our office about the other options, such as an over the phone conference with your provider.

Telemedicine for Our Comprehensive Spine Center Community

The safety of our patients, guests, and employees is our top priority every day and we understand the growing concern surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) across our communities in Texas.

As we continue to monitor the evolution of COVID-19, we are practicing CDC’s “social distancing” recommendations in our facilities. We encourage each of you to follow the example set by the CDC and the advice of government authorities. This is a precarious situation and we urge you to take it seriously.

We have a huge advantage with Telemedicine, and our staff is currently working with a fully digital office to continue providing care to our existing, as well as new patients across Texas.

CSC is offering telemedicine appointments to patients for their regular Ortho, spine and pain management consults and follow-ups. We continue to highly encourage setting up telemedicine appointments. However, our practice will be using Zoom and will also have translators available. We will still keep our clinics open for patients who would rather come in for an in-person consultation or if they have a procedure scheduled.

We understand that our patients may be concerned about coming in for their appointments; however, follow up care will need to continue to ensure you remain healthy. We are regularly monitoring the CDC updates and recommendations.

Our specialists and staff ensure all health, safety standards, and procedures are followed daily, and we are also taking extra precautions during this time.

  • We are taking everyone’s temperature, including staff, patients, and guests.
  • We ask that all patients and/or guests (translators…) wear mask coverings and if you do not have one, one will be provided to you.
  • We ask that no guests are allowed unless they are considered a “translator” or “if a patient has difficulty with mobility and need assistance”. All other guests will be asked to wait in the car.
  • We are having all patients complete a screening questionnaire. If the screen reveals a significant risk of infection or infection exposure, we are rescheduling appointments.
  • We have increased the frequency of cleanings in our clinics on all hand contact surfaces such as door handles, front desk counter, armchair, and more.
  • We have also provided hand sanitizers throughout our clinics for use.
  • We are notifying patients and staff to stay home if they are feeling sick.

On behalf of the physicians and staff at the Comprehensive Spine Center of Dallas, we want to remind you that we are here for you. We are continually monitoring the situation and will make changes to our procedures as more information becomes available. We will do our best to pull together as a community and continue to follow strict protocols to protect our patients, our staff, and the public. Please feel free to call the office if you have any questions.

The Comprehensive Spine Center of Dallas Team

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