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If you are experiencing severe leg pain, the source of your discomfort may not actually be in your leg, but in your lower back, or lumbar spine. The lumbar spine is a common source of back pain because it bears more bodyweight than any other section of the spine and is also subject to a significant amount of stress and force, be it from lifting a load of laundry or blocking a tackle. Our expert physicians at the Comprehensive Spine Center of Dallas are more than ready to assess your leg pain and its root causes and offers you a custom-fit treatment plan. For leg pain treatment in Dallas, trust the experts at the Comprehensive Spine Center of Dallas.

Leg Pain


When to See a Doctor

If you are suffering from leg pain, buttock pain, hip pain, or pain as that resulted from physical trauma involving your lower back, such as a fall or car accident, you should seek treatment from a specialist or physician as soon as you can. If you’re located in Dallas, our pain management professionals can help you find relief for your leg pain.

Consult a physician immediately if you:

  • Experience numbness in, or having difficulty moving, your extremities
  • Have bladder control loss or impairment
  • Experience sharp leg pain with or without back pain and do not experience any improvement after 72 hours of self-treatment at home
  • Suffer severe leg pain or back pain

If you are experiencing leg pain, talk to your doctor about identifying the cause. Proper diagnosis by your doctor will ensure the correct treatment plan. For leg pain treatment in Dallas and the surrounding areas, the Comprehensive Spine Center of Dallas is here for you.

Additional Symptoms

When you feel pain, it’s a reaction to signals transmitted throughout your body. These signals are sent from the pain source through the nerves in the spinal cord and into the brain, where they are perceived as pain. Problems that originate in the lumbar spine may result in pain and other symptoms, such as tingling, numbness and muscle weakness, which may be localized in the lower back and/or extend into the hips, buttocks and/or legs. The medical term for symptoms that radiate into the extremities is radiculopathy, derived from the Latin words “radix,” or roots, and “pathos,” which means disease.

The lumbar spine is made up of 5 motion segments. Each motion segment consists of 2 vertebral bodies separated by a lumbar disc, and a pair of lumbar facet joints.

The five vertebrae of the lumbar spine (L1-L5), located directly below the thoracic spine (mid-back) and are directly above the sacrum (tail bone), are separated by shock-absorbing intervertebral discs and supported by muscles and ligaments. These discs are very important for the normal mobility and function of your back.

Each disc is made up of two parts:

  • The nucleus pulposus – the soft, gel-like center of the disc.
  • The annulus fibrosis – the strong, fibrous outer ring that surrounds and supports the nucleus pulposus.

Posteriorly or behind the vertebral bodies and lumbar discs are a set of lumbar facet joints that function as true moveable joints. The facet joints are composed of two cartilage surfaces opposing each other surrounded by a strong ligamentous joint capsule. The facet joints are critical for lumbar motion.

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