What To Do If You Have Pain After A Car Accident

Were you recently involved in a car accident? If so, you may be experiencing some degree of pain as a result. Car accidents are fairly common in many metropolitan areas—Dallas, Texas being one of them—and injuries are a common consequence of having them. Fortunately, whether you’re experiencing whiplash, a broken bone, or an injury to the spine, there are steps you can take to experience relief. 

In this blog, follow along as we cover what types of injuries you may be experiencing as a result of a car crash, provide advice on how to properly manage your symptoms, and recommend how and where to get medical attention if you need it. 

Injuries By Accident: The Most Common Types of Car Accident Injuries

Have you heard that there are numerous kinds of car accidents? It's true! From rear-end collisions to multi-car pileups, there are not only various types of accidents, but different kinds of injuries that can result from having them. Knowing the type of accident you were in can help understand what injury you have, which can be beneficial when looking for ways to manage the pain.

Try to identify what injury you have using the information provided below: 

Single Car Accidents

Single car accidents are the most common type of car crash, and, as the name suggests, involve only one car—your’s. This can happen any number of ways, from swerving your vehicle to avoid hitting something to sliding on ice. 

The most common injury associated with single car accidents include broken bones, dislocated joints, sprains and strains, and bruising.

Multi Car Accidents

Multi-car accidents (also known as pileups) involve more than one vehicle and can be incredibly dangerous. Injuries from multi car accidents include whiplash, broken bones, head and neck trauma, and even internal organ damage, among other injuries.

Rear End Collisions

Rear end collisions occur when the front end of one vehicle hits the back of another when traveling in the same direction. Rear end collisions are the second most common type of car accident and account for around 28% of all car accident injuries. The most common injury associated with rear end collisions is whiplash, which is caused by the sudden jerk of the head and neck during the impact of the crash. Other common injuries include back, neck, and shoulder injuries and broken bones.

Head On Collisions

A head-on collision is a traffic collision caused when the front end of two vehicles hit each other when traveling in opposite directions. Because the force of impact is the total of both vehicles’ speeds, head-on collisions are the most dangerous type of car accident and result in serious injuries. Common injuries associated with head-on collisions include whiplash, broken bones, head trauma including traumatic brain injuries, neck and back injuries, and even internal organ damage.

T-Bone Crashes

T-bone crashes, which occur when a car hits the side of a vehicle, are the third most common type of car accident and account for around 15% of all car accident injuries. Common injuries associated with t-bone crashes include whiplash, broken bones, head trauma, and neck and back injuries.

Rollover Accidents

Rollover accidents—or, accidents that cause a vehicle to flip over (sometimes multiple times)—are the least common type of car accident, but are nonetheless incredibly dangerous. Common injuries associated with rollover accidents include whiplash, broken bones, spinal cord injuries, head injuries, and internal organ damage.

How To Manage Pain Caused By A Car Accident Injury

Medical professionals generally classify the pain caused by injuries as either chronic or acute. Acute pain can happen immediately following the injury, while chronic pain can be long-lasting and require medications and other medical interventions to manage. If you’re experiencing acute pain following a car accident, you may be able to manage it with over the counter pain medication, heat or cold therapy, gentle stretching, and relaxation techniques. 

On the other hand, if you’re experiencing chronic pain—which is common following car accident injuries—it’s best to seek medical attention as soon as possible. A professional pain doctor can evaluate your injuries, recommend treatment options, and prescribe medications to help manage your pain. 

Experience Pain Relief in Dallas Today!

Nobody wants to be involved in a car accident, but the unfortunate reality is that they do happen, and one of the most common consequences of having them is pain. If you’re experiencing pain from an injury caused by a car accident in Dallas, don’t wait! Doing so can often exacerbate your injury and make the pain feel worse. For the best possible outcome, make an appointment with the Comprehensive Spine Center of Dallas today!

During your appointment, you’ll receive a comprehensive evaluation from our team of pain management specialists in order to accurately assess your injury and identify what’s causing your pain. From there, we’ll provide you with an individualized treatment plan that may include medication, physical therapy, minimally invasive surgery, or other medical inventions. We even have connections with many local attorneys and can help you secure financial compensation while you recover!

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