Tips for Back Surgery Recovery

Like any other kind of surgery, back surgery requires ample time for recovery after the procedure has been completed. Proper recovery ensures complete healing of the area that has been operated on. With back surgery, there are a few things you can do to allow your back to completely heal and allow the surgery to do what it was intended to. In this post from the Comprehensive Spine Center of Dallas blog, we’ll discuss different tips for back surgery recovery to ensure proper healing after a procedure.

Give Your Back Time To Rest

Considering the many different functions your back performs in regards to mobility, back surgery can often require more bed rest than other kinds of surgery. Depending on the procedure that was completed on your back, your after-care routine might consist of only laying down, sitting up, and “log rolling”, or turning from side to side in a way that your back does not twist, and nothing else. Logrolling is an important part of allowing proper blood circulation across your body, so perform the action as often as your doctor suggests. Eventually, walking will be part of your recovery routine as well, but immediately after your surgery, you should try to rest in bed as much as possible.

Take Medication As Prescribed By Your Doctor

Many pain medications have received negative press due to their addictive natures. While this is a valid criticism, pain medications taken as prescribed by your doctor are an important part of recovery after back surgery. Pain medications allow you to be as comfortable as possible during the recovery process, which is important for your mental health during this vulnerable time of your life. According to one study published in PLOS One, there are multiple psychological factors that can impact recovery, including anxiety, anger, and depression.

Watch What You Eat

Maintaining a healthy diet is another part of ensuring successful recovery after back surgery. Everybody knows that eating healthy is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle, but not many people know that what you can eat can have direct implications for how your body recovers from back surgery. Approximately ⅔ of people with spinal cord injuries are overweight, so it’s important to keep your diet in check as you recover from back surgery.

Attend Physical Therapy Appointments

Physical therapy can be considered the most important part of recovery depending on the procedure that was performed. Regularly attending physical therapy will help restore full function to your back, prevent injuries in the future, and make you feel better overall. Not only will your physical therapist provide you with exercises to perform at home, but they’ll also help manage your pain with things like proper positioning, ice and heat, and in some cases, electrical stimulation.

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