Pain Management & Telemedicine

At the Comprehensive Spine Center of Dallas, we understand that attending an in-person appointment with a pain management specialist to address your needs can be difficult at times. Intense pain, whether it’s recurring or chronic, can make traveling and commuting to and from clinics an uncomfortable endeavor, to say the least. With the presence of COVID-19 and social distancing protocols, it’s fair to assume that patients may be hesitant about in-office visits. This is why we’re offering our patients more flexible options that facilitate improved health and communication with our doctors and staff. To address the issues that our patients experience, our practice now offers our pain management patients the opportunity to book virtual telemedicine appointments with us, where communication with our experienced doctors and staff is securely conducted using video or audio communication technology. Learn more about the benefits of telemedicine for pain management treatment processes and get more information on everything the Comprehensive Spine Center of Dallas is doing to keep our patients healthy and safe during this time.

Choosing Between Telemedicine vs. In-Person Appointments

Telemedicine has risen in popularity and usage over the past year, largely as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. More than anything, telemedicine offers patients with chronic pain issues and other health problems the flexibility of receiving medical care without having to physically visit a doctor’s office, which many find convenient. If you’re unfamiliar with telemedicine, understand that it allows medical patients to have real-time interactive communication with trusted healthcare providers through the use of technology. The audio and video calls that facilitate these appointments are structured just like any other appointment with a doctor, where after status information is collected, patients are able to have a conversation with doctors about their issues, their progress, and whether or not they feel their treatment plans are helping them alleviate existing pain.Virtual appointments allow those in pain to stay home as opposed to fighting traffic, weather, commute times, and general discomfort for their chance at a check-up. Doing this saves patients with serious issues the trouble of exasperating their triggers and pain points, opting instead to bring them doctoral insight where they are. Whether our doctors must file a prescription for telemedicine patients or put them in touch with another specialist on our team, all of this can be done after a virtual status check is completed. Telemedicine also allows patient appointments to become more time and cost-effective than traditional appointments, eliminating the need to sit in waiting rooms, go through extensive pre-appointment exams, or experience the step-by-step process that the average doctor’s appointment is built around. In some cases, however, in-person visits may still be necessary or recommended. Initial visits that are accompanied by vital checks, patient intake forms, and in-depth assessments of each patient’s body all require an in-person appointment in order to design impactful treatment plans.

Track Pain Management Progress & Make Treatment Adjustments

In-person and telemedicine appointments both have their role to play in the pain management treatment process. Telemedicine is a no-hassle option for the regular check-ins we recommend before and after procedures and surgeries. Likewise, in-person clinic visits are necessary for surgical and nonsurgical procedures. At the Comprehensive Spine Center of Dallas, we offer the following procedures for pain management patients and more:Non-surgical Procedures


Physical TherapyWe understand how important it is to the overall pain management process for individuals to rest and heal after surgical procedures, so our virtual appointments support you through that part of the journey. Even when nonsurgical procedures are on the table, we can use telemedicine to track our patient’s issues and experiences from pre-op to post-op, ensuring that one of our doctors can adjust their treatment plan if necessary or get new information about the pain our patients are experiencing. One thing is certain: that telemedicine has the capacity to play a key role in the treatment process of pain management patients and more.

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The experienced doctors and nurses at the Comprehensive Spine Center of Dallas offer a variety of treatment plans and options to address our patients’ struggles. With 5 clinics located all around the Dallas / Fort Worth area as well as our robust telemedicine processes, you can trust our team to assess your needs and get you the help and treatment you need to alleviate intense pain. To get started, schedule an appointment with us today or contact our team for more information.