I-PAS Technology

At Comprehensive Spine Center, we are using a new state of the art technology called I-PAS to not only diagnose an mTBI, but also treat an mTBI. I-PAS technology allows our specialists to use eye movements and eye reflexes to measure and determine the extent of a brain injury.

This specific technology utilizes virtual reality goggles that measures a patient's eye movement and responses, which in turn replicates how the brain functions. Patients who suffer from mTBI will have detectable changes seen on these I-PAS tests. Once the abnormalities are correctly interpreted by our specialists, they are then able to form an individual treatment plan that incorporates physical activity, sleep modification, medications, and I-PAS therapy sessions that help retrain the brain.

What is I-PAS?

  • I-PAS utilizes painless virtual reality technology to measure and quantify brain responses to external stimuli.
  • I-PAS allows for the precise measurement of the interaction between a patient's eyes and brain. These measurements determine the existence of brain injury and are utilized in formulating the proper treatment protocol for each individual patient.
  • Treatment utilizes I-PAS therapy training sessions, oculomotor training, medication, patient journaling, and physical therapy.
  • I-PAS technology has been extensively tested and utilized in the military setting with combat head injuries.

I-PAS Therapy Session

  • I-PAS is utilized to retrain and heal the brain caused by mTBI.
  • Patient will undergo a minimum of three therapy sessions with the I-PAS system, which records patient's progress and brain healing throughout the treatment protocol. Patient's are re-evaulated throughout the process and further therapy can be utilized.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Comprehensive Spine Center to determine if I-PAS treatment is right for you.